I love it when I get to photograph a family year after year and see their kids grow and change. Another advantage is that the kids get to know me, and they begin to learn what we are there for. The Rohde family is such a joy to photograph because they all just roll with it, and love to play together in front of my camera. The kids have become somewhat familiar with me after several sessions together, so they remember pretty quickly that I'm going to take their photos and let them have fun doing it! I always try to get at least one pose or shot with everyone looking at the camera (grandmas always love those!), but most families simply love just having pictures that show what their kids were like in that season. Little Asher loves trucks and his little red ball, so we pulled those out to keep him happy during this session. And sweet Lydia spent a full 5 minutes posing and giggling it up for me. The kids played tag, danced, and played chasing games with mom and dad. Their photos are so interactive, and so THEM.