Senior year is a remarkable time in a high school student's life, filled with memorable moments and milestones. For one exceptional high school senior, the passion for music, leadership, and adventure came together to create a unique vision for her senior photos. Meet Amelia, a talented and passionate drum major who not only marches to the beat of her own drum but leads the entire band with finesse. We'll explore Amelia's senior photo journey, which beautifully captures her love for music, leadership, and her vibrant personality.

Embracing nature first:

We began our session in the gorgeous demonstration garden at Monument Valley Park, near Colorado College. Amelia brought a fun vintage vibe with her headband, white denim dress, and Doc Martens. There were still flowers aplenty and rich green plants that were absolutely glowing in the early morning sun!

urban garden senior session
urban garden senior pictures Colorado Springs
senior pictures with yellow flowers
senior girl with yellow coneflowers
urban garden senior pictures Monument Valley Park
Urban Garden senior girl pictures with bright blue eyes

Drum Major Swagger on Downtown Streets:

Amelia has been leading her school's marching band as a drum major with style and grace. To reflect her leadership role, she chose a downtown location for the next set of photos. With her drum major staff in one hand and her clarinet in the other, and a rugged brick wall as her backdrop, she exuded confidence and authority.

Amelia has gorgeous, big blue-green eyes that popped against an urban orange brick wall. I love how the bright sun reflected off the tall surrounding buildings just made her eyes sparkle! I had to create a series that featured those eyes, and these photos are some of my favorite! She also rocked a favorite t-shirt and we had fun playing with some creative poses using directional arrows on the street. I mean, as a senior, you're trying to figure out which way to go next, right? That's part of the story, too!

Melodic Moments at a Café and A Local Artist Co-Op:

For the final leg of her senior photo journey, Amelia wanted to capture her love for music and her vibrant personality. She chose a vibrant and quirky cafe and an eclectic artist co-op and vintage store as the perfect settings. In the café, she enjoyed a cup of her favorite hot chocolate. At the shop, she flipped through vinyl records and enjoyed the vintage offerings and art.

Amelia's senior photo journey beautifully encapsulated her passion for music, her role as a drum major, her joy in playing clarinet, and her zest for life. Through careful selection of unique locations and thoughtful incorporation of her interests, she created a stunning portfolio of senior photos that will forever capture the essence of her senior year.

If you're a high school senior looking to create your own memorable senior photo session, take inspiration from Amelia's creative approach. Choose locations and themes that resonate with your passions and personality, and work with a talented photographer to bring your vision to life.

Remember, senior photos are a celebration of you and your journey through high school, so make them uniquely yours!