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Milestones are those sweet things that refresh our memories. They keep our brains from forgetting the big and little moments that make us human, connected, and loved. They're for the fun things we love to do: Sports, art, theatre, anything!

And milestones are for all of us- not just small children!

I want to artistically capture what is most precious to you in your life or your loved-one's life today. These sessions are deeply creative and tailor-made for their subjects. I'll ask lots of questions so we can capture this moment beautifully.

Milestones sessions are perfect for celebrating that special anniversary, maternity baby bump photos, kid stages and interests, special birthdays, celebrating the years between being a big kid and a teenager (tweens!), sweet sixteen, and anything special you can think of! If you want to go beyond basic sports, dance, theater, and activity photos or capture your child's passions, these sessions are for you! The sky is the limit for what we can create!

Colorado Springs 50th anniversary photography


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