Senior photography that captures your spirit

Achieving a high school diploma takes grit and determination, and it should be celebrated for what it is- a major milestone in your life. Your years of becoming your unique self should tell your story!

As a mom of young adults, I know how important it is for your spirit to shine through these photos. Your generation is thoughtful, accepting, and has been through a LOT. You want to look back and be reminded of all that you've overcome, the fun you had, and how these years have made you who you are! They shouldn't simply be pretty pictures. They should capture YOU.

I'll connect with you and a parent or guardian about exactly what you want your photos to be like. If you prefer simplicity, I've got you. If you have a lot of interests, I'll find a creative way to get those into your photo story, too. I'm laid-back and I really love getting to know seniors (truly!). So I want to hear from YOU, since these photos are all about you! I'll give you a prep guide to help you think through some details, and I'll be available for any questions or thoughts.

Know a senior in need?

We all have different stories. My heart truly goes out to the seniors who can't access a typical senior photo session because of barriers that are no fault of their own. I have had generous clients contact me to purchase senior sessions for seniors in need (this still blows me away)! I give a session discount as a thank-you for that generosity, and I also reserve a number of no-cost sessions for disadvantaged seniors. If you'd like to nominate a senior you know for one of these free sessions, or you'd like to gift a session to a senior in need, please click here to get in touch!

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