Can we fit in all the things? Why yes, yes we can!

My niece is kind of a rock star! Not only can she run fast and jump high (she's in track, basketball, and volleyball), but she's also a caring and motivated student who wants to make the world a better place. Besides all that, she's just a lovely person and super fun to be with!

The thing I love about milestone sessions is I get to be as creative as the kid I'm photographing. With Elsie, that meant creating photos that aren't the soft and flowery images I tend to photograph, but are full of fun and drama, and all things sports. This pushed me creatively, and mother nature even provided us with a pretty epic thunderstorm and dramatic lighting!

Elsie has been running track at Garry Berry Stadium at Wasson High School, so the park nearby and the stadium were the perfect location for her sporty photos! These tell the story of this awesome kid at age 13, and I hope she enjoys looking back at them for years!