Nestled in the heart of Colorado Springs, Monument Valley Park is a picturesque location known for its wide green fields, natural beauty, and views of Pikes Peak. On a sunny and bright day, we had the privilege of capturing the essence of one adventurous family amidst the mature trees of this incredible park. The Cipiti family, a group of five adventure-loving souls, decided it was high time to update their family photo album. With their high school senior daughter on the verge of a new chapter in life, they wanted to seize the opportunity to capture the joy and togetherness of their close-knit family.

Monument Valley Park provided the perfect backdrop for this family photo session. With swaths of both groomed kentucky bluegrass and wild grass, large trees, and rock walls and bridges, the park offered a variety of scenic locations to choose from. The clear, sunny weather added depth and vibrancy to the photos, casting a warm, golden hue on everything it touched.


The main goal of this family photo session was to capture the genuine joy and togetherness that the Cipiti family shared. With their oldest daughter a high school senior, the parents wanted to cherish these moments before she embarked on her own adventures in the world. The kids were all enthusiastic, relaxed, and so much FUN during the session! From laughter-filled candid shots to heartwarming group portraits, we made sure to capture the essence of their close bond.